As we continue looking at radical love this week, it is apparent how practical love is. Love that seeks its own interests is not love at all. Love is not passive but active. It does not just sit back but intentionally and zealously fights for what is good. 

Today we are looking at Ephesians 2:11-22. Take some time to read it. In this passage, we read how Jesus broke down the dividing wall of hostility in His flesh. He made peace between the Jew and the Gentile, the two groups of people that had the greatest animosity between one another. They were different in language, traditions, academics, nutrition, and most importantly, faith. They avoided one another in every way possible. If you think of all the differences we have today, they had put them all together in a melting pot of hostility. 

But then Jesus came onto the scene. This type of animosity didn’t fly with Him – He had come to break down the walls between them. He had come to inaugurate a new culture, the Culture of Heaven – Kingdom Culture. Here there was no difference, but all were united under the one Man Jesus Christ. 

In Ephesians 2, Paul presents us with the metaphor of ‘the household of God’. We can gain much insight from this metaphor if we just think about the different elements of a house. What I want to focus on is the interior. Here we see that the house is broken up into many different rooms with walls dividing the space, and doors to provide privacy. Picture each one of us in different rooms. Each room looks different; that’s because its inhabitant is different to everyone else. What has happened is that our differences have created the walls between us. 

Now Jesus comes onto the scene, the Master Architect and Builder. He says that He has come to break down the walls of division, to destroy the hostility that resides within those walls. He takes a sledgehammer and starts demolishing those walls that we have placed up between us. In His mind, we are meant to see one another’s differences, acknowledge them, and then celebrate them together. Once He is done breaking down the walls, the space is completely open. There are no more walls, but we are able to enter into each other’s spaces, able to learn from one another, able to embrace one another completely. His house is a new house, a house of peace and integration. 

As the school is going through an enlightenment of our diversity, the truth of Christ cannot be overemphasized. We ourselves need to look at how we have tried to keep up the walls between us. Each person has their own interests and leanings, their own environment where they feel comfortable. First, we must allow Jesus to break down the selfish man in ourselves; we cannot be divided, but we must fear the Lord and Him only. Next, we must let Jesus live through us to bring peace to others, to break through the divide of difference that exists between us and to help dismantle the divide that exists between others. Sometimes the differences are greater, but this only allows God’s grace and glory to be greater too. 

Let us pray for ourselves and for the school. Let us ask God to show us the deep need for Jesus to break down the hostile walls of division. And then let us become ambassadors of God with sledge hammers to break through those walls. Let us be peacemakers on behalf of God. 

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