With the students this week we looked at three different camps that Christians find themselves in: 

  • Camp 1 – Legalism: Rule keeping. Trying to get God’s approval through works. Holding fast to dead traditions. 
  • Camp 2 – Licentious: Jesus is a supplement to my life. I am enslaved to my own passions. I do what I want because there is grace. 
  • Camp 3 – Love and Lordship: My full allegiance and life belongs to Jesus. I give up my own thoughts, feelings and desires. He determines what I do every day. I do things because He loves me and I love Him. 

Although we can quite clearly see that Camp 3 is where true faith lies, we often get stuck in one of the first two camps. This generation has experienced a lot of the “love” side of Jesus – “I can do what I want.” Just look at how truth has been subjected to our own desires and feelings, no longer being an absolute, and we can see that to live under Christ’s lordship requires real allegiance and submission; something the flesh definitely does not want to do. This is in direct opposition to “I do what I want because there’s grace.” Yet grace is God’s empowerment in our lives to overcome circumstances and sin, not a get-out-of-jail-free card. The true gospel demands the lordship of Christ over our lives. 

Perhaps you come from the other side of the coin: you’ve tried so hard to meet God’s standards in order to earn His approval. You’ve kept all the rules (at least tried to), made sure you read through the Bible at least twice a year, and attended church services consistently. Obviously, these aren’t bad things, but you’ve done it all in your own strength. You’ve done it to try and earn God’s favour. 

What God wants is to break down the first two camps and bring us into a place where we give our full allegiance to His will because He loves us. We pour our love out to Him by obeying Him and following His ways. If we see His lordship and His love for us, we will be abounding in His grace for our lives. 

Ask God to show you if you are living in old or wrong mind-sets. If you are living in Camp 1 or 2, He can bring you completely into His fullness. 

Today we want to pray for the students as we talk to them about deepening their commitment to Christ or starting it. Please join us in this. 

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