The reason we have this deep desire to be devoted to something is because God placed it in us. He didn’t design us to walk around aimlessly; His intention for us was to be His ambassadors wherever we go. This was the case in the Garden, and it is still the case today. He placed within our very nature the need to belong. Unfortunately, the impact of the Fall had devastating effects, resulting in a complete distortion of our nature. 

Think about it like this: God created in us a black hole. If you think of the nature of a black hole, we know that nothing can get past it if it gets close enough, and nothing can get back out (This isn’t a science lesson, I promise). The same is true of us. Only our Creator, the God who made us, is able to fill that black hole. He is able to fill us completely so that other things cannot take up residence anymore. Only God is big and strong enough to saturate the black hole. What we have done is filled this black hole with other things. 

Often people say we have a God-shaped hole in our heart. I don’t agree, because this would mean that there are other parts of our heart that can be filled with something else. But only He can fill everything, completely. Jesus tells us in John 4 and 6 that He is the One who can fulfil and satisfy the deepest longings. The problem we have is that we are too easily satisfied with other things – and that satisfaction also lasts as long as a vapour in the wind. So we need to quickly fulfil that hole in our heart, otherwise we start to walk around aimlessly. 

Jesus says that He Himself is the bread of life. This Bread has been given to us to feast on; this Bread should be our most prized delicacy. Perhaps in our generation this idea of the “bread of life” doesn’t have its full impact. Back in biblical times, however, bread was a staple which was consumed at pretty much every meal. Because of our love of food these days, perhaps Jesus would contextualise it for us and say, “I am the Food of life.” 

Think about those times where you’ve just eaten so much of your favourite food that you couldn’t possibly think of eating anything else. This is how we should be with Christ. We should be so full on Him that nothing else seems appealing at all. We need to ask ourselves: How have we gotten to a place in our Christian walk where we would rather feast on something else to satisfy us, and not on the true Food? Do we not believe that Jesus can fully satisfy us? Do we believe that we need Jesus plus something else? Think about your day. Is it marked by a constant feasting on Jesus, or do other things creep in? May God make us steadfast, and may He show us the emptiness of anything that isn’t Him. 


Pray for the students today that they might see Jesus as the only fulfilment, and that all other things will be nothing in comparison. 

I’ll end with a famous book title by Tullian Tchividjian: Jesus + Nothing = Everything 

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