This week we kick off with Radical Devotion. Last week we saw that the way we think impacts the course of our life. But the goal is not to just think on God’s level; the goal is to walk on His level too. He promises us abundant life if we believe in Him, if we journey with Him on His path. And this abundant life is anything but ordinary. It is extraordinary, supernatural, mind-blowing and earth shaking. He invites us to partner with Him in His kingdom. 

As we discussed last week, there is a deep desire in each of our hearts for something great, for something to give ourselves to. The truth is, anything apart from Christ will always leave you wanting; it will always have you longing for something else. This is why there are Christians turning from their faith and moving to environments where they find a devotion to a cause. This could be terrorist organisations, as we saw last week, or it could be something noble like investing in charities. Whatever it is, if the foundation is not Christ, our life’s alignment will be put off. It’s like driving a car with a missing tyre: you might be able to move, but you ain’t getting anywhere! 

This is what sets the church apart. We know that we have the Truth; what we need is to give up everything for this Truth. Our ancestors in the early church modelled this for us right from the beginning. A casual reading from the book of Acts will already show you that these people were crazy; and I mean nuts. Who would give away all their belongings and possessions so that someone you only just got to know would not be in need? Or who would travel throughout the world proclaiming a message, not knowing where your next meal is coming from, or where you’re going to get your next pair of pants? And then, who would be willing to get beaten, mocked, tortured, stoned, mistreated or imprisoned for this message? 

It is because of the One who called them into partnership with Him that they were able to joyfully approach life in this way. If we look at these aspects and think, “Boy, I hope I don’t have to go through that,” then we have not fully understood the glory of what we have been called to. Now, I’m not saying you need to go out and ask people to stone you (which would possibly result in being offered an illegal substance), but what we do need is to become radically devoted to the cause of our Lord, no matter the cost. 

This is not a forced endeavour; God works with volunteers. But the beauty of His mission must grip our hearts in a new way. There are always more people to love and bring into Christ’s family. There are people in desperate need of Jesus, even if they don’t know it yet. 


Let us pray for this week and ask God to reveal the truth to us and the students that God’s mission is calling us. It is calling us to radical devotion. It is calling us because it is beautiful. 

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