As we saw yesterday, our minds develop pathways of thinking. We can liken this to roads. Some pathways are bike trails or dirt roads, while others are 5-lane highways. The more we think a certain way or the more we think about certain things, the greater the road in our mind becomes. This is true whether you are a follower of Christ or not (many studies have been done on this; just google it!). 

Now, before we knew Christ, before He brought us into the light, we had been developing ungodly pathways in our mind. We had been adding lanes to our fleshly highways and riding them all day, every day. The thoughts about God were left alone to stay dirt roads. But when His grace and kindness brought us into His kingdom, He gave us the ability to change the entire way we think. He gave us His Spirit to exchange our dirt roads into highways of His righteousness and glory. 

The Bible is full of exhortations to change our thinking, to renew our minds (Rom 12:1-2; Col 3:10; 1 Pet 1:13-14). Jesus tells us that He has revealed to us the secrets of His kingdom (Mark 4:11; Matt 13:11). Not everybody, however, will understand and live in these secrets. The way that we can deepen our understanding of His kingdom is by renewing our minds. The problem is often that we like to stay in our old mind-sets, not allowing God to reveal more secrets of His kingdom to us. 

The question then is “how?” How do we go about this? I know you each have your own way of deepening your relationship with God, but there are certain principles that He gives us that bring rivers of living water. Psalm 1:1-2 helps us with this insight: “Blessed is the man… whose delight is in the law of the LORD, and on His law he meditates day and night.” The goal is to meditate on God’s law day and night. When we meditate on His law, His truth gets placed into our hearts. Furthermore, faith gets placed into our hearts, because we know His promises and we know Him. 

Again, it’s easy to say, “Meditate on His law.” But this doesn’t just happen. I believe there are certain things that will help us meditate. First, we need to plead with Him to place in our hearts a delight in His law, a delight in His ways. Once this is there, we will hunger for it and do anything to go deeper. We can then do these four things: Read, study, memorise, and meditate. We read and study the Word; then we memorise it, which allows us to meditate. Only when we know what the Word says can we truly meditate on it. The Hebrew concept of “day and night” meant all the time; it was a way to say: “Do this constantly.” So if the only time we are able to meditate on God’s Word is if we are reading it in the morning or listening to a sermon, we aren’t able to meditate day and night. We must also memorise so that we can meditate on it throughout the day. During the time of Jesus, Jewish children had memorised much of the Hebrew Scriptures. This would’ve been what Jesus did, and He would’ve had the entire Old Testament memorised to meditate on. I’m sure this would’ve been very helpful! 

Only God can be the one who tells us personally how He wants us to read, study and memorise. We cannot look at someone else and try emulate them – He must be the one to give us the desire and the guidance. The goal is not to know the Word; the goal is to know the Author of it. Knowing the Word helps us to know its Author. And knowing the Word helps us to transform our dirt roads into spiritual highways. 


We are looking at Radical Thinking this week. Look at your daily routine – have you put in practices so that you can meditate on God’s Word? 

Let us pray for God to put a desire in the hearts of the students and staff to know Him deeply; to set their minds on the truth so that their spiritual highways can be established. 

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