Today is the first day of Trademark Month! As the Trademark team, we are so excited to see God work mightily in the College. For the month of June, therefore, we are going to be following the theme of Trademark Month, which is Radical. The devotions are going to be shorter during this month so that there is time for you to pray during the usual time it takes to go through the devotion. Some of the days will include reflections and action points so that you can be mindful of Trademark Month throughout your day. We cannot do this by any human means; prayer is the work. We really want to call on God to move in the school. 

As we begin looking at this idea of Radical, many thoughts might come to your mind. This word is often associated with something extreme. The dictionary defines this word as: (especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough. Its first use comes from the Latin and means ‘root’ or ‘proceeding from a root’. To be radical therefore looks at the foundation of something, and how that foundation affects everything that stems from it. 

We know that a tree is only as strong as its roots. Furthermore, the placement of the roots can either cripple the tree or allow it to thrive. The trunk, branches, leaves, and fruit all take their nutrients from the roots. In the same way, our lives are determined by something. Something in your life is the root that determines not only our destiny, but also the day-to-day living. 

As we journey through this month, we will realise that the Christian life is one that is radical: it is determined by a Root, and it is extreme (far-reaching and thorough) in the day-to-day. For today, think about what is determining your day-to-day routine. Where are you investing your time, energy, and possessions? 


Pray for the students, asking God to reveal to them what they spend their time on. Ask Him to show them the futility of running after things that don’t matter. Call on God to awaken in them a hunger for Him, for the true Root. Ask Him to do the same in your own life.

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