Being under Covid-19 Lockdown for the past while and adjusting to a new way of doing life has been a rollercoaster of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. You may remember back to a time of having small children in the house and would remember the busyness that this time brings. 

Neither Nic nor I can be on the phone, in a meeting, working or finishing a sentence for that matter at the same time! Just a few weeks ago we made a trip to the ER, as Ava had decided that a really good place for a bead she was given from our very lovely neighbours was up her nose! At 7pm, just before our anticipated ‘adult freedom’ (as the kids were nearing their bedtime), she placed one of these beads up her nose. Despite many attempts with different household apparatus (a toothpick, tweezers, a nose sucker, a bent paper clip), we were proving unsuccessful at all except becoming more impatient, and wound up! 

The ER is the last place one would want to be venturing in a time like this, but there we were, with our two-year-old, waiting to see the doctor. It was a very uneventful time, and the bead was retrieved, praise the Lord. These are the days of our ‘Lockdown Diaries’. 

Despite the difficult moments, one thing I have (among many others) appreciated is the story time I get with Ava and Ludo. We have read many books, one of them being The Jesus Storybook Bible, a Bible for children. As Christians we can become immune to these stories we have heard so many times before, but reading anew to the children, seeing their reactions, and hearing it being read through their eyes and world has been an incredible journey for me as well as them. You see, these stories are real, and they are true and they happened all those years ago. 

One story which has really affected me is the story of Moses. We all know the story well. Moses was comfortable with his simple and lowly life tending sheep when God gave him a massive mandate to set free His people. Of course, he was terrified and tried his very best to get out of this mission. Here is Moses’s first attempt at getting out of the job and the Lord’s response in Exodus 3:13-15: 

13 But Moses asked, “If I go to the people of Israel and tell them that their fathers’ God has sent me, they will ask, ‘Which God are you talking about?’ What shall I tell them?” 14 “‘The Sovereign God,’” was the reply. “Just say, ‘I Am has sent me!’ 15 Yes, tell them, ‘Jehovah, the God of your ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, has sent me to you.’ (This is my eternal name, to be used throughout all generations.) 

There are many times in the Bible where God responds to the question as to who He is with ‘I Am’. This profound statement is so simple, so confident, so sure. It is within my understanding, yet far beyond what I could ever fully grasp. It is just 2 words which create in me a huge sense of comfort, although it seems almost incomplete. Usually one may say ‘I am this’ or ‘I am that’; yet He just says, ‘I Am’. 

It points to a personal God, one who was in the past, (The God of your forefathers), one who is present with us now (I Am, not I was), and one who is continuing into our future. 

This is the God in whom we can turn to in our desperate cries for help, in our ER moments, in our joy and in the trials and challenges before us. I Am is far more than we could ever explain or imagine or understand. But I Am is also so near to us, so involved with our everyday lives, so knowing of all things. This is the I Am we get to walk with each day. 

May He show you and I more of who He is every day, and may we turn to Him with every struggle, challenge, and joy in our lives. 

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