Yesterday we looked at one of the ways God increases our hope and solidifies our faith. With everything that we are faced with in life, our goal should be complete dependence and surrender to God. In other words, we must become students of humility. When we are humble, we acknowledge that everything must come from God: “A person cannot receive even one thing unless it is given him from heaven” (John 3:27). Humility is the greatest disposition that a person can have. You might ask, “Isn’t love meant to be our greatest quality?” Yet true love can only come from deep humility. Let us look at what Andrew Murray writes about this concept in his book, Humility.

“Humility is the only soil in which virtue takes root; a lack of humility is the explanation of every defect and failure. Humility is not so much a virtue along with the others, but is the root of all, because it alone takes the right attitude before God and allows Him, as God, to do all. The call to humility has been too little regarded in the church because its true nature and importance have been too little apprehended. It is not something that we bring to God, or that He bestows; it is simply the sense of entire nothingness that comes when we see how truly God is everything.

When the creature realises that this is a place of honour, and consents to be—with his will, his mind, and his affections—the vessel in which the life and glory of God are to work and manifest themselves, he sees that humility is simply acknowledging the truth of his position as creature and yielding to God His place. In the life of earnest Christians who pursue and profess holiness, humility ought to be the chief mark of their uprightness. It is the first and chief mark of the relationship of the creature to God, of the Son to the Father—it is the secret of blessedness, the desire to be nothing, that allows God to be all in all.

“It is important that we know who Christ is, especially the chief characteristic that is the root and essence of His character as our Redeemer. There can be but one answer: it is His humility. What is the Incarnation but His heavenly humility, His emptying himself and becoming man? What is His life on earth but humility; His taking the form of a servant? And what is His atonement but humility? “He humbled himself and became obedient to death.” And what is His ascension and His glory but humility exalted to the throne and crowned with glory? “He humbled himself… therefore God exalted Him to the highest place.” In heaven, where He was one with the Father; in His birth, His life, and His death on earth; in His return to the right hand of the Father—it is all humility. Christ is the expression of the humility of God embodied in human nature; the Eternal Love humbling itself, clothing itself in the garb of meekness and gentleness, to win and serve and save us.

As the love and condescension of God makes Him the benefactor and helper and servant of all, so Jesus of necessity was the Incarnate Humility. If this is the root of the tree, its nature must be seen in every branch and leaf and fruit. If humility is the first, the all-inclusive grace of the life of Jesus—if humility is the secret of His atonement—then the health and strength of our spiritual life will depend entirely upon our putting this grace first and making humility the chief quality we admire in Him, the chief attribute we ask of Him, the one thing for which we sacrifice all else.”

Read Philippians 2:4-11 so see the perfect humility of Christ. May we go to Jesus, for He said, “Come learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart” – Matthew 11:29. We do not strive to be humble, but we allow the Teacher to mold us.

As His humility made Him a servant, so we also ought to be servants to others. As hope lifts our eyes to heaven, humility puts our eyes on others. We do not seek our own interests, but the interests of those around us.

Is your life marked by humility, emptied of self and completely surrendered?

How can you serve others today?

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