The idea of solitude is a relatively strange concept in our over-connected world. With Covid-19 we have been forced to contemplate isolation, and furthermore, how to practically deal with it. If you are a follower of Jesus, you have undoubtedly heard many times about having “time with the Lord” or “a devotion” or “a quiet time”. We know that it is something that should be a part of our lives.

Overview: God wants to be with us – Genesis 1 and 2, and Revelation 21:3.

Personal story – when I was younger, I read my Bible as a religious duty. I was very dedicated. But it was to tick a box, which I know many people have done. God had to draw me into that place where I wanted to be with Him alone, and reveal the importance of it. It was not in own strength.

Example: Life of Christ – John 5:19 “The Son can do nothing by Himself, but only what He sees the Father doing. For whatever the Father does, that the Son does likewise.” Jesus’ life was marked by intimacy and dependency on the Father.

Often He would depart to desolate places (Matthew 14:23; Luke 5:16, 6:12). Mark 1:35 tells us that Jesus got up while it was still dark, dedicating time with the Father. If Jesus, the Son of God, dedicated this time to be with His Father, how much more should we?

Spend time – Know Him – Trust Him – Believe in Him.


Why do we spend time in the secret place?

  • To get to know Him
  • To learn from Him
  • Keep our eyes on His example
  • To be changed

What hinders us from doing this?

  • Priorities (We dedicate time to what is important)
  • Wrong mindset
  • Busyness

This is a great time to increase our dependency on God and seek Him in the secret place daily. Wherever you are in your journey, ask the Lord to make you willing for the next step.

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